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Chief  D.Ch.S., professor Minavar Jafar gizi Ibrahimova
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Basic activity directions   Synthesis and research of oligomerization, polymerization and copolymerization multifunctional monomers, definition their properties and scopes. 
Main scientific achievements  In the result of conducted complex investigations scientific basis for synthesis of new reactive sopolymers of adjustable composition, structure, molecular weight, nature and number of functional groups on the base of propylene oxide, glycidyl ester of methacrylic acid, styrene and butadiene and anhydrides of dibasic carboxylic acids, prepared on the base unsaturated hydrocarbons contained in C5fraction of liquid pyrolysis products has been developed. It has been found that along with high reactivity these kinds of copolymers are characterized by high hardness, adhesion, weather, light and heat resistance and resistance to temperature changes. Thanks to these properties these copolymers are recommended as a binding agent in the composite materials and modifiers for polymer materials.

on the basis of available raw material which is light gas oil of catalytic cracking one-stage method for synthesis of petroleum resin – phenoformolite has been developed. The latter finds wide application as an insulating material, ion exchange composition and foam plastic. Based ob determined high electrical insulating properties the products obtained are recommended as an insulating material in the field of high voltage.

In recent years systematic studies in the field of synthesis of ionic liquid compositions are conducted which finds wide application as a catalytic component, catalytic systems and reaction medium and solvent allowing creation of simple, ecologically safe, economically effective technologies of synthesis and processing. In particular, synthesis of chloroaluminate ionic liquid catalytic systems has been carried out. Oligomerization of C8-C10α-olefins in their presence has been realized giving synthetic poly-α-olefin oils characterizing by high viscosity, viscosity index, low unsaturation degree, freezing point, oxidation stability and low volatility. By studying the structures of synthesized oil fractions it has been found that oligomerization of α-olefins in the presence of chloroaluminate ionic liquids leads to formation of oligomers having naphthene-paraffin structure practically not containing unsaturated fragments in macromolecule that makes possible their use as a component in obtaining semisynthetic base oils without preliminary hydrogenation. Possibility of obtaining semisynthetic engine and industrial oils on the base of synthesized poly-α-olefin oil fractions and mineral oil has been shown.

Purposeful studies has been conducted in the field of selective purification of petroleum fractions using neutral ionic liquids as a selective solvent synthesized on the basis of organic acids and various amines. Perspectives of use of synthesized ionic liquids as an extractant for selective purification with obtaining fuels and base oils of improved quality has been established. Based on obtained results, ionic liquid on the basis of morpholine and formic acid is recommended as an extractant for selective purification of oil fractions of various viscosities. Synthesis of experimental batch of mentioned ionic liquid and purification of transformer oil were realized at experimental-industrial plant.

Investigations in the field of synthesis of high-molecular compounds, particularly, styrene homopolymers and copolymers by radical polymerization in mode of “living” chains are carried out. Conditions of synthesis of polystyrene, copolymers and block copolymers of styrene with methacrylic acid based esters characterized by relatively narrow polydispersity with participation of stable free radical 4-carboxyamide-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolidine-1-oxyl have been determined.

Carried out obtaining process of super- plastificator in powder form in the experimental industrial factory as a continuation of research works in field of obtaining superplastificator based on gasoil fraction from  catalytic cracking process.