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Chief  Jemile İbadulla gızı Rzayeva 
Total number of employees  
Basic activity directions  

Collection, registration and holding of personal belongings, documents associated with literary and social activity of H.Javid.

Main scientific achievements 

1.Multivolume “Javidshunaslig” research collection. 10 volume. Baku. Progress. 2012.

It is ongoing publication. Its 10 cover has already been published.

2. Husein Javid’s “Mother” play was translated into english and was presented to the publishing.

3. “Husein Javid: life and art destiny” byblographic and weblographic parameter was developed and preparing for the publication.

4. Gulbeniz Babakhanlı “Azerbaijan poetic thought and Husein Javid” Baku. 2010.

5.“Javid’s wisdom” selected aphorisms. Baku. 2010

6.The explained catalog of museum was created and developed.