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Elvin Rafael oglu Talishanov 

PhD of  History  
Total number of employees  
Basic activity directions  

Collecting, protecting, researching and promoting of materials about Husein Javid and generally Javid’s heritage

Main scientific achievements 

1. “Husein Javid: life and art destiny” byblographic parameter. Baku. Science.2006

2.Husein Javid, works in 5 volumes. Baku, Science, 2007.

3. “Husein Javid’s heritage and the modern time” Materials of the international scietific conference.


3. “The greatest religion is Love”,  Baku, 2007.

4. “Cavid’s wisdom” selected aphorisms. Baku, Science, 2008.

5.Gulbeniz Babakhanlı. “The arsenal of poetic words”.Baku, Science. 2008.

5.Artogrol Javid - 90, multimedia discs. Baku, 2009

6.Husein Javid’s Home Museum. Baku. 2009

7.Husein Javid and Abdulla Shaig. Literature classes. Baku. Chashioglu. 2010.

8.Husein Javid “Lame Teymur”. Baku Science. 2010.

9.“Javid’s wisdom” selected aphorisms. Baku. 2010

10.Gulbeniz Babakhanlı “Azerbaijan poetic thought and Husein Javid” Baku. 2010.

11.“Non-material cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Artogrol Javid” 10 volumes. Baku. Chashioglu. 2011

12.“Husein Javid’s creativity in a modern thinking” The materials of international scientific conference (H.Javid-130), 22-24 octomber. Baku. 2012. 346p.

13.Multivolume “Javidshunaslig” research collection. 10 volume. Baku. Progress. 2012.

It is ongoing publication. Its 10 cover has already been published.

14.Husein Javid “Sheida” play. In 10 languages. (russian, engilsh, german, french, polish, belarus, bulgarian, ukraine, czech, greek). Baku. 2012-2013.

15.“The words belong to Husein Javid” album. Baku. Progress. 2012

Decorator: Doctor of philology Gulbeniz Babakhanlı.

16.“Enlightened turkish world: M.Akif Ersoy and Husein Javid”. Baku. 2013

The materials of an international conference. 16-18 may 2013. Baku.

17.Gulbeniz Babakhanlı “”Heydar Aliyev and Husein Javid (monograph). Baku. 2013

18.Timuchin Afandiyev “Husein Javid: in the search for the ideal truth” Baku. 2013