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Chief  Sultanov Geyis Jumshud oglu 

Dr. in Physics-mathematics sciences  

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   study  of  the magnetic and  electric properties of  low-dimensional compounds based on transition elements 
Main scientific achievements 

1.G.Sultanov, F.Mirishli,  I.Ismailzade: Mössbauer studies of perovskite-like ferroelectrics Bi2Bi4Ti3Fe2O18, (PrBi) Bi4Ti3Fe2O18 and Pr2Bi4Ti3Fe2O18,  Ferroelectrics,  v.5, p. 197-199, 1973

2.M.Reissner , W. Steiner, Z. Seidov,  G.Sultanov, High field Mössbauer investigations of CoGa2-xFexO4  spinels, Hyperfine Interactions (C)  5, p.193-196, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Applications of Mössbauer Effect (ICAME 2001), Oxford, UK, September 2-7 2001

3. Z. Seidov,  H.-A. Krug von Nidda , J.,  Hemberger , A.Loidl , G.Sultanov, E.Kerimova , A.Panfilov : Magnetic susceptibility and ESR study of the covalent-chain antiferromagnets TlFeS2 and  TlFeSe2.  Physical Review B, v.65, p.014433(8), 2002

4.  S.Klimin, M.Popova, B.Marvin , P.H.M.van Loosdrecht , L.Svistov , A.Smirnov , L.Prozorova, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, Z.Seidov , A.Loidl , A.Shapiro ,  L. Demianets : Structural phase transition in the two-dimensional triangular lattice antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2.  Physical Review B, v.68, p.174408(7),  2003

5. A.Krimmel, Z.Seidov,  G.Guseinov, A.Najafov, H.-A.Krug von Nidda, A.Loidl,  D.Többens : Crystal structure and magnetic properties of spinel structure compound Fe0.76In2.17S4 . Journal  of  Physics.: Condens.  Matter, v.17, p.3611-1368, 2005

6.M.Reissner, W.Steiner, Z.Seidov,  G.Guseinov, Mössbauer investigation of  Fe0.5In1.5S3,  Hyperfine Interactions,  v.169, p.1305-1308, 2006

7. Z.Seidov, M. Açıkgoz, S.Kazan, F.Mikailzade: Magnetic properties of Co3O4 polycrystal powder,  Ceramics International v.42, issue 11, p.12928,  2016 

8. Z. Seidov,  H.-A. Krug von Nidda, V. Tsurkan, I. G. Filippova, A. Günther, T. P.    Gavrilova, F.  G. Vagizov, A. G. Kiiamov, L. R. Tagirov, and A. Loidl: Magnetic properties of the covalent chain antiferromagnet RbFeSe2, Physical  Review B, v. 94, p.134414 , 2016