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Chief Esmira Hasan gizi Alirzayeva

PhD in biology, associate professor



Phone/fax: (+994 12) 4923446

Activity directions Preparation and implementation of the concept of international relations of ANAS;

Inquiry the international scientific priorities and prospects of expanding the integration of ANAS to the international scientific world;

Establishment of relations between heads of ANAS and state officials and diplomatic representatives of various countries;

Revelation of relevant scientific institutions from different countries in accordance with scientific directions and priorities of ANAS and establishment of relations with them;

Provision of the heads, structural units of Presidium and scientific institutions of ANAS with the international scientific innovation and analytical data;

Coordination of the activities of structural units of Presidium and scientific institutions of ANAS in the field of international cooperation;

Determination and involvement of the international scientific project calls and programs offering opportunities for the implementation of innovative research projects and programs by scientific institutions of ANAS;

Promotion of membership of ANAS and its scientific institutions to the international scientific societies and associations.

Departments attached to Department of Relations with Eastern Countries

Department of Relations with European countries and America

Department of Relations with CIS countries