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Gunel Aslan gizi Mammadova

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Assistant professor
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Basic activity directions  

1. Development of a comprehensive study of natural zeolite of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic;

2. Development of theoretical and practical foundations of separation important elements in multicomponent systems by sorption.

Main scientific achievements 

1. For the first time carried out physic-chemical studies of natural zeolite of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan zeolite was investigated by X-ray (2D PHASER «Bruker» (Cu, Kα, 2θ, 20-80 degrees)), derivatoqrafic (Pyrometer NTR-70 Termoskan-2, in an inert atmosphere), IR-spectroscopy (Nicolete IS-10), elemental (Oxford Science) and microstructural (Hitachi-3000) analysis methods. It was established that in the Autonomous Republic of mordenite content in the rock varies in the range of 58-72%. It confirmed that the natural zeolite Nakhchivan consists essentially of mordenite. For the first time investigated Nakhchivan natural zeolite framework density, "normalized" volume chassis, "normalized" the amount of the compound, silicate volume, index of silicon, degree of crystallinity and particle size distribution. It was found that the natural zeolite is stable up to 9600C temperature. Raising the temperature results in the destruction of zeolite structure and transformation into mineral anorthite. The stability of natural zeolite to aggressive environments (sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid). It is found that the natural zeolite is resistant to aggressive environment. The acid concentration at 5 N the structure of natural zeolite is destroyed. The investigated of chemical modification of natural zeolite. It is found that in the process of chemical modification are obtained by practically important zeolites with different structures. The studied ion-exchange properties and the process of dehydration of natural zeolite.

2. The studied of acid-alkali properties of the IRA-743, IRA-410, IRA-96, IRP-64, IRP-69 of Amberlite brand and MAC-3 of Dowex brand. By selecting a certain mode titration calculated constants dissociation IRA-743 and IRA-96 with a weakly alkali amino functional group, IRA-410 with a strongly ammonium group, IRP-69 with a strong acid sulfonic acid functional group and Dowex MAC-3 with a carboxyl functional group having a polyacrylate matrix with weakly acidic properties. The calculations were carried out based on the equation of Henderson-Hasselbalch and be received the chemically logical results. For İRA- 743 and İRA with the free amino group of a value of pKa respectively 8,25±0,3 and 8,88±0,2, for İRA-410 with strongly alkali properties of the dissociation constant of the functional groups is 2,95±0,5, for Amberlite İRP-64 and Dowex MAC-3 with the carboxyl groups respectively 6,4±0,2 and 5,9±0,3, the potentiometric titration of Amberlite İRP-69 with strongly acidic properties confirms its multifunctionality. The existence of a part of the resin in addition to the sulfonic groups, OH-group and -N=N- bridge, accompanied by a clear break in the potentiometric titration curve. During the titration of these groups due to the proximity of their pKa on the potentiometric titration curve match point titration. The values obtained by calculating the coefficient m, included in the equation of Henderson-Hasselbalch are of great interest. For cation this value is characterized by a value of about unity and for anion exchangers above several unit (at about 2). The systems ions 3 nonferrous metals with ion exchangers İRA-743, İRA(Cl) –boric acid, İRA-Cr2O72-, İRP-64, IRP-69, Dowex MAC-3, the optimum sorption medium, the calculated kinetic, thermodynamic parameters and equilibrium quantities, characterizing the process.