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Mammad Huseynali oglu Huseynaliyev

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Study of alternative (renewable) energy in the territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the receipt and investigation of thin films of promising compounds used Solar energy converters. 
Main scientific achievements 

E-crisis energy marks were determined via “Graphicalanalysis” program from the dependency estimated for the real and imaginary parts of complex dielectric function according to spectroscopic ellipsometry calculations for PbS taint. Transformation of CdS taint via chemical settling process to CdTe through ion exchange from the electrolyte solution. The critical point of PbS taints were determined from ellipsometric measurements.

Regulation remain of CdTe and CdS components according to the problem of heterotrnasition via fusing the Te film gained and partial or fully in NaBH4 transferred through EDTA (Trilon B) of CdTe film in CdS/CdTe heterotransition gained as the result of transformation process were researched and solved. Investigation of the Sun and wind energy devices in Julfa and Shahbuz districts having composite geographical position continued, determination works of the places of the Sun and wind energy apparatuses were fulfilled. According to the researches, each of Shahbuz and Julfa districts were defined to have different micro elements and the solution issues of the future ecological problems in these districts were studied. Depending on the landscape and geographical features of these districts that consist of mountains and hills, formation of definite peculiar environment in these territories was observed.