Fizza Sadikh gizi Mammadova

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Assistant professor 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Appreciation of spread conformity by natural laws, their chemical structure, resource, their being useful for irrigation in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 
Main scientific achievements 

The researches done on the study of mineralization conditions of the territory according to chemical structure and components of waters in Babek district. In the first level water sample was taken from some sources locating in the territory of Babek district. Here include water samples of Garachug, Jahri I, Jahri II, Tumbul I, Tumbul II springs, wells No. 9 and 12 of Sirab mineral water deposit, Sirab cistern, Bulgan canal water, Mammad Rza-Diza, Zeynaddin, Kultapa artesian waters, Guluyurd underground water-supply in Khalilli and Buzgov villages, Vaykhir cistern. Suitable solution to the standards of necessary reactives for the chemical analyze of the component structure of the taken samples, methods for doing classical and express analyses were selected.

In the second level the score of vestige in the water samples taken from the other water sources in the territory of Babek district: Gahab village underground water-supply and artesian, Vaykhir village spring, Hajivar central artesian, Badashgan and Yarimja artesian, Jahri Mashadi Abbas spring, Nakhishnargiz spring, Payiz village captage 1 and 2, Cheshmabasar village underground water-supply, Chalkhangala Urfan spring, Nakhchivan Kerbalayi Musa spring were defined. Buying some of reactives meant for the analyses main components of the water samples like total number of natrium and kalium ions, roughness of those water samples, independently number of magnesium and calcium ions, number of chloride-, hydrocarbonate-, sulfate- and nitrate- ions in some water samples were defined and the results were scheduled. Usefulness of Bulgan cannel water for irrigation was estimated via Steble irrigation modulus and positive results were gained. According to the accepted international standards the Kurlov formula was applied which the content of water samples expressed and the results appropriate to that formula were shown.

The correlation among the numbers of the mineral components in the waters depending on highness was revealed in the result of comparative analyze of physical-chemical features of the water sources studied over Babek district.