Address  30 Istiglaliyyat Street, Baku 
Phone (+994 12) 5387116 
Fax (+994 12) 4371772 
Chief  Hajiyeva Zemfira Ali gizi

(+994 12) 4371772, 5387116 

Employees Aliyarli Nargiz Aydin gizi - Deputy chief

(+994 12) 5387116

Jalilova Solmaz Jalil gizi - Chief Specialist

(+994 12) 5387116

Hamidov Nofal Iskender oglu - Chief specialist

(+994 12) 5387116

Bayramova Hijran Azizaga gizi - Chief Specialist

(+994 12) 5387116

Mamedov İlgar Vaqif oglu - Chief Specialist

(+994 12) 5387116

Activity directions  To carry out its activities, the Center has the following functions:

1. Takes for state storage permanent and long-term documents submitted by scientific institutions and organizations ANAS; eliminates documents that have lost their practical significance after the approval of an act;

2. Conducts scientific examination of documents that have particular importance, and prepares them for publication;

3. Organizes the work of an expert screening committee and on the basis of its conclusion creates personal funds of outstanding scholars;

4. According to the established rules, issues archival information on requests received from research institutions and organizations, researchers, and citizens residing in foreign countries;

5. Based on innovation, improves the archival work, research activities, submits rational proposals to the Presidium of ANAS;

6. Under the current legislation, carries out the other functions and instructions of the leadership of ANAS

Doctors of sciences