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Establishment history Azerbaijan National Science of Academy, “Cybernetic” Special Constructor Bureau, is established according to the January 6, 1978 № 21 decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan SSR and February 21, 1978 № 7 decision of the Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science. 
Basic activity directions 

Development of management, control systems and diagnostics systems in various fields of industrial.

Main scientific achievements 

Management and information systems have been developed to control national and international sport events.

In Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery:

The robust information system has been developed for diagnostics and prediction of MK-301/2 compressor unit vibration.  It has been put into operation since 2007.

Technological parameters of intelligent monitoring system was developed and put into operation since 2008.

For oil and gas production enterprises new generation measurement, control and diagnostic systems have been developed:

For Shirvan OC LTD distance control, diagnostic and management system have been developed and applied. The system has been put into operation since 2009.

In Karasu Operating Company for 8 well Soft Control Station of Beam Pump (SCSBP) has been developed and put into operation.

Based on SCSBPs  remote (wireless) data collection and control system is created in oil wells of “Karasu Operating Company” mines. The system pun into operation since 2010.

In well No 3619 of  Balakhani Oil SCSBP has been implemented and made experiments. Certificate of work’s efficiency and broad application was received.

For Salyan Oil Ltd in 6 units of measurement device "Ayna" Trap control device has been developed and applied. The devices have been put into operation since 2012.

For “Bibiheybatoil” in 35 wells “remote control and diagnostics of beam pump wells” system has been developed and put into operation since 2013.

Total number of employees 27 
Structural subdivisions

Work and prepare Department

Programming Department

Production Department

Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members

Gati Gulcazi Gurbanovna

PR responsible person Malikov Rasim Agharza 
Doctors of sciences  Rzayev Abbas Heydar

Guluyev Gambar Aghaverdi

Pashayev Fahrad Heydar

Rzayev Asif  Haji