Chairman Bandaliyev  Rovshan  Alifaga  oglu - Doctor of mathematics, chief scientific employee ofthe Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Deputy chairman Agayeva  Dilzara  Nadir gizi - Doctor of biology, head of the laboratory  of the Institute of Botany of ANAS
Mahalov  İslam  Sharif oglu - Doctor ofmedicine, professor of I ginecology chair of Azerbaijan Medical University 
Scientific secretary Mammadov Ilgar  Gurbat oglu - Doctor of mathematics, head of the laboratory  of the Institute of Management Systems of ANAS 
Members of the council

Abdullayev  Vagif   Maarif  oglu - Doctor of mathematics, leading scientific employee of theInstitute of Management Systems of ANAS

Ismayilov Vugar  Elman oglu- Doctor of mathematics, chief department of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

Jabbarov  Rasim  Baba oglu - Doctor of physics, chief scientific employee of  the Institute of Physicsof ANAS

Jafarov  Elchin İman oglu - Doctor of physics, chief department of theInstitute of Physics of ANAS

Ahmadov  Elshad  İlyas oglu - Doctor of biology, Deputy director oftheInstitute ofZoology of ANAS

Sabitova  Aynur  Zakir giziDoctor of philology, chief of department ofLiterature of foreign countries of Azerbaijan University of Languages

Abbasov  İdris  Aziz oglu - doctor of philology, chief department ofthe Institute of Language of ANAS

Gahramanova  Farida  Khosrov gizi - Doctor of biology of the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS

Date of establishment  In order to realize a closer participation of ANAS Professors in the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Academy, ensuring their activities in performance of tasks, defined by the Regulation of ANAS, as well as for the training of personnel and development of innovation activities - by the decision of the Presidium of ANAS dated June 29, 2018 was created the Coordination Council of Professors of ANAS. 
Basic activity directions - To organize the coordination of the activity of ANAS Professors;

- Support initiatives aimed at improving the scientific activities of ANAS Professors;

- Assistance in the organization and holding actions within scientific activity of ANAS Professors;

- The organization of works to convey to the general public of the activities of ANAS Professors;

- To promote the strengthening of the relationship of ANAS Professors with specialists from other scientific and higher educational institutions;

- Preparation of offers for Presidium of ANAS on realization of goals and problems of ANAS;

- Involvement ANAS Professors to discussions on scientific-technical issues and innovation, as well as the protection of intellectual property;

- Active participation in the policy of training of ANAS personnel in priority scientific areas.