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Establishment history High-Tech Park of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences was established by a decree of President Ilham Aliyev in November 8, 2016. The purpose of establishing the High-Tech Park is to increase government support in the field of increasing sustainable economic growth and competitiveness, the development of innovation and high-tech sectors based on scientific and technological achievements, the creation of modern complexes for scientific research and development of new technologies.
Main activity directions  ANAS High-Tech Park is the place which has necessary infrastructure, the logistics and management institutions for conducting research and development and implementation(commercialization) of their results in industrial, service and other areas in order to develop or improve innovation product and high technologies. In order to ensure the provision of other services, taking necessary measures is the main priority of the Technologies Park for the creation of internal and external infrastructure and implementation of business activity in the area of High-Tech Park.
Total number of epmloyees 21 
Structural subdivisions The Department of Financial and Economic Analysis

Legal and HR department

Technology transfer offices

Marketing department of international relations

Control and economic department

The Department of Business Incubation

Residents of HTP Experimental and İndustrial Plant

“Science and Technology Park” LLC

“Millers oils Azerbaijan” LLC

"EPC Group" LLC


"Alqoritmika" LLC

“Azeltech” LLC


Buta ARMOR   



Supervisory board

- chairman

- secretary

- members

Academician Akif Alizade - President of ANAS

Corresponding member of ANAS Aminaga Sadigov - Head of Science and Education Department of Presidium of ANAS

Academician Dilgam Tagiyev - vice-president of ANAS

Corresponding member of ANAS Misir Mardanov - Director of Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS

Doctor of political sciences Fatali Abdullayev - Head of the Department of Affairs of ANAS

Expert council

- chairman

- secretary

- members

Academician Ibrahim Guliyev - vice-president of ANAS

Academician Vagif Farzaliyev - Acting academician-secretary Division of Chemical Sciences

Academician Telman Aliyev - Director of the Institute of Management Systems of ANAS

Corresponding member of ANAS Bagir Suleymanov - Deputy Director of SOCAR's Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute

Emil Mammadov – Head of the Patent Department of State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PHD on Technical Sciences, Colonel Elshan Hashimov - Head of Adjuncture and Science Department of the Military Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Yagub Hasanov - Head of Heavy Industry and Machine-Building Industry Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PR responsible person Sevda Hamzayeva Eldar gizi 
Doctors of sciences