Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 17.02.1949 
Education Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, engineer-technologist 
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemistry
Title Senior research worker 

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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Modification of butyl rubber by polyfunctional compounds   

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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Chemical modification of unsaturated elastomers by derivatives of chlorinated acetic acid and compositions on the basis of the prepared products 

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Basic scientific achievements As a result of fundamental scientific investigations there have been developed the efficient methods allowing to improve operational properties of rubbers and other composition materials and also nanocomposites made on the basis of industrially produced rubbers and polyolefins which expands the spheres of their practical application in tire, cable, oil-extracting, petrochemical industry, construction, in the production of rubber-technical goods of various purpose, for making of heat-protective coatings, etc.
Names of scientific works

1. Н.И.Курбанова, Н.М.Сеидов. Исследование свойств вулканизатов на основе модифицированного нитрильного каучука с полиизопреном. Промышленное произ-водство и использование эластомеров. 2012, №3, с. 18-22.

2.  Н.И.Курбанова,  Н.М.Сеидов. Исследование

свойств вулканизатов на основе модифицированного бутадиенстирольного каучука. Каучук и резина,  2012, №5, с.11-14.

3. Н.И.Курбанова, Н.Я.Ищенко, А.М.Кулиев. Исследование свойств вулканизатов на основе модифицированного дивинилого каучука с полиизопреном. Промышленное производство и использование эластомеров. 2013, №4, с. 31-36.

4. N.I.Kurbanova, Guseinova Z.N., Kuliev A.M., Alieva R.V., Bagirova Sh.R. Nanocomposite polymer materials on the basis of polyetilene of high pressure. The 6


International Conference on European Science and Technology. Munich, Germany, 2013, p.86-89.


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Main place of work and its address Institute of Polymer Materials, Az5004, Sumgait, S.Vurgun Str.124
Position Leading research worker
Office phone (+994 18) 6420075
Mobile (+994 50) 5730637
Home phone (+994 18) 6552570
Fax (+994 18) 6420400