Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Khachmaz district, Ag-yazi village 
Date of birth 10.10.1940
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of sciences in technics 
Title Professor

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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"Organic chemistry"

"Synthesis and investigation of some  N and S-containing derivatives of  aminothiophenols"

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"Scientific basis of the preparation of high rational sulphonate additives to motor oils"

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 45

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Basic scientific achievements
  1. scientific bases of synthesizing sulphonate additives of HCK, C-150 and C-300 types meeting the present requirements, based on Baku mineral oils, synthetic and semi synthetic raw material, have been developed;
  2. methods of synthesizing highly effective multifunctional base and alkali alkylsulphonates on the base of alkylphenols with different structure have been studied;
  3. interrelation between structure and effectiveness of additives mentioned has been studied;
  4. new original methods for obtaining highly efficient additives have been developed;
  5. lubricant compositions for specific engines have been produced;
  6. on the basis of the results obtained some of the synthesized additives have been recommended for application in motor oils of various series.
Names of scientific works
  1. Садыхов К.И., Агаев А.Н., ″Сульфонатные присадки к смазочным маслам, Баку″Элм″1982,125с;
  2. Кулиев А.М., Агаев А.Н.,″Синтез 3-амино – тиофенола и его некоторых S-производных″, Журнал Органической Химии,1970,т.6,с.809;
  3. Садыхов К.И., Агаев А.Н.и др.″Синтетические сульфонатные присадки к смазочным маслам″. Материалы  VI  симпозиума соц.cтран по нефтехимии,  Козубник, 1988, т.3,с.598-603;
  4. Агаев  А.Н,Велиева  С.М и.др. ″Гидрокси -алкилбензилсульфонаты как много-функциональные присадки к смазочным маслам,″ Журнал прикладной химии, 2009, т.-82,вып.11,с.1926-1928;
  5. Агаев  А.Н,Велиева  С.М. и др.″Получение тио-бис-гидросиалкил-бензилсульфонатов и исследование их в качестве присадок к смазочным маслам ″Химия и технол. топлив и масел, 2012, N:3, c-33-35.
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Main place of work and its address Institute of Chemistry of Additives after Academician A.M.Guliyev of ANAS 

AZ1029, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Narimanov district, Boyukshor Highway, 2062 quarter.

Position Head of laboratory
Office phone (+994 12) 514 96 12
Mobile (+994 50) 688 15 12
Home phone (+994 12) 539 64 59
Fax (+994 12) 510 96 10