Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, district- Geokchaysky  
Date of birth 25 december 1937 year 
Education Azerbaijani State University
Scientific degree Doctor Sciences biological 
Title Senior sciences employee 

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Physiology of plants

Nucleinic exchange of different types and versions wheat in ontogenesis 

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Nucleinic exchange of different types and versions wheat in ontogenesis 

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Basic scientific achievements The phenomenon of increase in quantity of DNA in a somatic cage the geterozisnykh of hybrids of plants was for the first time established. This situation was issued as the invention and the copyright certificate is received. Further researches on studying of changes in genetic systems of a cage under the influence of stressful factors were conducted and is established that resistance of plants to stresses is formed due to reorganization of genetic systems of a cage therefore the expression of some genes amplifies. 
Names of scientific works
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  2. Али–заде  М. А., Алиев Р.Т.Содержание ДНК в сома­ти­ческой клетке и хро­мосоме у поли­плоидных форм пшеницы. Доклады АН СССР. Москва,1972,Т.203, № 4, с. 942-944.
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