Place of birth Baku City
Date of birth 13.01.1942
Education Higher 
Scientific degree Ph.D., biology 
Title Senior Scientific Researcher                                         

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Human and Animal Physiology

“Study of neuronal activity of the rabbit brain cortex in formation of generalized activity in reticular formation of the midbrain”. 
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Human and Animal Physiology

“Neurophysiological studies of centrifugal regulation of visual perception”.

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115 (54- in English)

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Basic scientific achievements The first comprehensive work concerning neuro­physiological mechanisms of centrifugal control over the visual function, conta­n­ing a general ac­co­unt of the experimental data and public­ations pertaining to the amygdalar regulation of visual perception and the proof of existence of a multifunctional effect exerted by the amyg­da­lar complex on the centrifugal impact of the amyg­dala, mezen­ce­­­phalic reticular formation and hypo­thalamus on the perceptive function of the retina, including its distal  part. The participation of the mentioned structures in the mechanism of infor­mation processing by individual neurons or neu­ronal ensembles in the central structures of the visual system is also considered. The mechanism of oscillatory potentials generation may rely on neu­ronal activity, which indicated by a certain correlation that has been found in their generation. Presented un the dissertation is a analysis of the short-latency responses to ultra-bright (extreme, temporary blinding) light stimuli that were recor­ded for the fist time in all structures of the visual system, and a discussion of the centrifugal control over the retinal functions extending to the distal part of the retina (the paradigm of “a”- and “b”-components in the – ERG) that was shown for the first time in the electro­phy­siological experiments.  Also discussed disturbances of the vision-amyg­dala interaction in conjun­ction with the path­oge­nesis of neurodegenerative disor­ders accompanied by the ag­no­stic syndrome and an impairment of the perception and cog­nition functions of the visual analyzer in the specific vision-controlled cognitive motor act.
Names of scientific works 1.Исс­ле­до­вание зри­тель­ной пер­цеп­ции в ус­ловиях экс­тре­маль­ных све­то­вых воз­дейс­твий. //  Ус­пехи физио­ло­ги­чес­ких наук, 2011, т. 42, № 1, с. 67 - 96. 

2.Amygdalar-visual control of  motor function / Biological Motility. From Fundamental Achievements to Na­no­technologies. Pushchino, Russia, 2010, p. 200- 204

3.Галлюцинации и иллюзии: о роли нару­ше­ния  зрительно-амигдалярного взаимодействия в их возникно­вении // Во­­про­сы физиологии и биохимии. 2010., Баку, c .124 -129.

4.The Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Mechanisms and Amygdala-Visual System Ineractions. // 6thInternational Congress on Vas­ku­lar Dementia, Spain, Barselona, 2009, p. 709.

5.Нейрофизиологическое исследование амиг­далярной регуляции воспринимающей функции структур зрительной системы  и центри­фу­­галь­ного контроля перцептивных ретинальных функций. / Неврологичекий вестник, 2008,т. 40, с.75-78.

6.Appearance of Kluver-Bucy Syndrome and Alzheimer Disease–disturbance of interstructural (amygdala-vision) and inte­ramygdala interre­lations? / The 3 Forum of European Neuroscience (FENS), Paris, France, 2002, p. 221.

7.The effect of binocular and mo­no­cular viewing conditions on performance of rats in the Morris water maze. // Physiol. Bohemoslov., 1986, v. 35, N. 1, p. 53- 61.

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10.The effect of hypothermia of ­the rat’s spatial memory in the Water Tank Task. // Journal Behavioral and Neur­al Biology. Academic Press, Elsevier 1984, v. 42, p. 191-196.

11.Persistance of Spetial Me­mo­ry in the Morris Water Tank Task. // International Journal of Psychophys­i­ology, Elcevier, 1984, v. 2, p. 5 - 10.

12.Амигдалярная регуляция зрительной перцепции. Баку, ЭЛМ, 2009, 584 с.

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Awards and prizes Award and Diploma of 25th of Turkish Congress of Phуsiology, 1999
Main place of work and its address A.I. Karayev Institute of Physiology, Baku AZ 1100, Sharifzadeh str., 2 
Position Senior Scientific Rresearcher
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