Place of birth Quba town
Date of birth 05.06.1968
Education Baku State University
Scientific degree Doctor of Sciences
Title Dosent

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03.00.05 (now 2417.01)


Biology of the fungi causing tracheomycosis of wood plants

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Fungi associated with forest trees, taxonomy and phylogeny of pathogenic species

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Basic scientific achievements Fungi of the main forest tree species in Azerbaijan have been identified. To assess the potential impact of diseases to forest trees in Azerbaijan, the presence of pathogenic fungi was investigated.

Two new pathogens, Cryphonectria parasitica and Opiostoma novo-ulmi were found for the first time for Azerbaijan. These species were identified based on morphology and nucleotide sequences of rDNA (ITS1/5.8S/ITS2) and pathogenicity of the fungi was tested. Root rot fungi on hardwoods were found, and Armillaria mellea subsp. mellea was identified based on sequences of rDNA (IGS and ITS regions). This is a new record for Azerbaijan.

Ophiostoma ips and its insect vectors (Coleoptera: Scolytidae: Orthotomicus erosus and Hylurgus ligniperda) were isolated from the endemic pine (Pinus brutia subsp. eldarica) and recorded for the first time in Azerbaijan. It was concluded that fungus was recently introduced to Azerbaijan with its bark beetle associates.

Ophiostoma spp. with Sporothrix anamorphs were characterized based on sequences of the ITS1/5.8S/ITS2 regions of rDNA and partial sequences of the gene β-tubulin, morphology, growth in culture and sexual reproductive mode. It was found that O. stenoceras consists of a complex of several species.

The species boundaries for Ophiostoma quercus, in the O.piceae-O.quercus complex were reconsidered by using micro-morphology together with phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences for four gene regions (ITS1/5.8S/ITS2, BT2, TEF-1α, HIS). O. quercus sensu stricto has been delimited and statuses of other species as synonyms in the complex have been clarified.

Nine new species were described belonging to the genera Ophiostoma, Raffaelea and Sporothrix. Investigations were carried out in the frame of PostDoc programme at the FABI, University of Pretoria (SA, 2002-2003) and projects: STCU № 3625 (2006-2008), № 4797 (2009-2011); UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellow-ships Programme (2005-2006); SDF-2010-1(1) (2010-2011) etc.

Names of scientific works

1. Aghayeva D.N. 2001. Mycobita of Castanea sativa Mill. in Azerbaijan. Forest, Snow and Land­scape Research, v. 76. № 3, p. 405-408.

2. Aghayeva D.N., Wingfield M.J., De Beer Z.W., Kirisits T. 2004. Two new Ophiostoma species with Sporothrix anamorphs from Austria and Azerbaijan. Mycologia, v.96, №4, p. 865-877.

3. Aghayeva D.N., Wingfield M.J., Kirisits T., Wingfield B.D. 2005. Ophiostomadentifundum sp.nov. from oak in Europe, characterized using molecular phylogenetic data and morphology. Mycological Research, v.109, № 10, P.1127-1136.

4. Aghayeva D., Harrington T. 2008. First report of Cryphonectria parasitica on chest­nut (Castanea sativa) in Azerbaijan. Plant Pathology, v. 57, №2, p.383

5. Grobbelaar J., Aghaeva D.N., de Beer W., Bloomer P. Wingfield M.J., Wingfield B.D. 2009. Delimitation of Ophiostoma quercus and its synonyms using multiple gene phylogenies. Mycological Progress , v.8, № 3, p. 221-236.

6. Harrington T.C., Aghayeva D.N. Fraedrick S.W. 2010. New combinations in Raffaelea, and four new species from the redbay ambrosia beetle,Xyleborus glabratus. Mycotaxon, v.111. p. 337-361.

7. Ağayeva D.N. 2011. Mikologiyada tətbiq edilən ənənəvi və müasir metodlar. Bakı: Elm, 207 s.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of Botanical Society of Azerbaijan.
Pedagogical activity Baku State University (1999, 2000, 2013)
Other activities

Member of the Scientific board of the Institute of Botany, ANAS

Member of the Editorial board of the proceedings of the Institute of Botany, ANAS

Member of the FD 01.222 Dissertation board of the Institute of Microbiology, ANAS
Awards and prizes

UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowships Programme Award (2006)

Honorary decree of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Main place of work and its address

Institute of Botany, ANAS, Badamdar shosse 40, Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan 

Position Head of department “Lower plant systematics”
Office phone (+994 12) 5024330
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Fax (+994 12) 4970994