Place of birth Baku city, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth 29 April 1954 
Education Department of Astrophysics of the Faculty of Physics, Baku State University 
Scientific degree PhD of Physical and Mathematical Sciences     
Title Associate professor 

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01.03.02  (2108.01)

Astrophysics and  Radio astronomy (Astrophysics  and  stellar astronomy)

Spectral  investigation of T Tauri type stars and Fuors

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Basic scientific achievements
  1. It was installed the photometer with Johnson's standard filters UBVRI and Rc of system of Kuzinsa on the  telescope Zeiss – 600, and it was equipped with CCD  matrix U-47 made by the Apogee Alta Instruments.  The CCD matrix connected to the computer and for processing of observational data the program-package MaxIm DL V4 is used.  It was made the adaptation of photometer to the telescope Zeiss -600 of  ShAO of NAS of Azerbaijan. It was developed a method to   get the calibration frames: bias, dark, flat field and perform some basicprocessing steps of results of theCCDphotometryin the system of «Zeiss 600 + a photometer + CCD camera».
  2. By analyzing of the spectra obtained in the 2-m telescope of ShAO, we revealed changes in the regime of variability of the Hα emission line profile in the spectrum of  WW Vul in 2006 and 2007–2010. Starting from 2007, in addition to the accretion disk rotation, an additional mechanism leading to rapid changes in physical conditions in the Hα formation region probably appears. The magnetic field in the accretion disk and/or on the stellar surface, which determines the pattern of interaction between the star and its environment  can be such a mechanism. 
Names of scientific works

1. В.М. Лютый, Б.И. Абдуллаев, И.А. Алекперов, Н.И. Гюльмалиев, Х.М. Микаилов, Б.Н. Рустамов ПЗС фотометр на телескопе ЦЕЙСС-600 Шамахинской Астрофизической Обсерватории I. Соглосования ПЗС-фотометра с оптикой Цейсс-600, Астрон. журнал Азербайджана 2009 т.4 № 3-4, стр.36-41

2.Б.И. Абдуллаев, Н.И. Гюльмалиев, С.О. Меджидова,

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3. Б.И. Абдуллаев, С.О. Меджидова, Х.М. Микаилов, Б.Н.Рустамов Фотометрическая калибровка системы Цейсс-600 +VRI фильтры + ССD камера ALTA U47 Астрон. журнал Азербайджана 2011 т.6 №4 стр.11-15

4. Б.И. Абдуллаев, И.А. Алекперов, Н.И. Гюльмалиев, С.О. Меджидова,Х.М. Микаилов, Б.Н. Рустамов Новый фотометр-поляриметр с ПЗС камерой , Астрон. журнал Азербайджана 2012 т.7 №4 стр.39-49

5. S. O. Mejidova, B. N. Rustamov, Kh. M. Mikayilov, and I. A. Alekberov Hα Line in the Spectrum of the WW Vul Star Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies, 2014, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 85–91.

6. S. O. Medzhidova, Kh. M. Mikailov, and B. N. Rustamov Hα Profile Variabilities in the Spectrum of the Star WW Vul in 2006–2010 Astronomy Letters,2014 V.40, №6, pp.343-351

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Shamakhy Astrophysikal Observatory of  ANAS, Settl. Y.Mammadaliyev, Shamakhy region, Azerbaijan, AZ5626

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Mobile (+994 50) 7440051 
Home phone (+994 12) 5139075