Place of birth West Azerbaijan, Zangazur 
Date of birth 1950 
Education Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute 
Scientific degree PhD in Engineering 

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System analysis, management and information prosessing

A noise technology and the system for monitoring of the latent period of change in the technical condition of compressor stations 
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Basic scientific achievements Employee of the Cybernetics Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences since 1971; employee of “Cybernetics” Special Construction Bureau of the Cybernetics Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences since 1978. In that period, he participated in and headed development of control, diagnostics and management systems for technical objects, including the following:

1. Development of information management systems for different sports and their application at local and international events. The system has been used in Baku and in the regions since 2002.

2. At the H. Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery:                                                        

- robust information system for diagnostics and prediction of the vibration state of MK-301/2 compressor unit – commissioned in 2007.                                                                             

- intelligent system for monitoring of technological parameters – commissioned in 2008.

3. new generation control, diagnostics and measuring systems for the onshore oil extraction industry;

- Shirvan OC LTD, management, diagnostics and remote control system – commissioned in 2009.  

- Karasu Operating Company, a stepless control station (MDSIS) was developed and commissioned for 8 wells. This station performs remote collection and control of information. The system was put into operatiton in 20120.

       - the stepless control station (MDSIS) was introduced at well No 3619 of Balakhani Oil in 2009-2010 and experiments were carried out. A certificate of successful operation was received.

      - Salyan Oil LTD, “Trap” control system of “Ayna” complex in quantity of 6 pieces was developed and applied. The equipment was commissioned in 20212.

     - Bibi Heybat Oil oil and gas extraction enterprise, a diagnostics and remote control system for 35 wells operated by pumping units was developed and put into operation. 

     4.  The operating principles of RNM ASP station for monitoring of anomalous seismic processes were developed. 7 stations are installed in the territory of Azerbaijan and 1 station in Turkmenistan. 
Names of scientific works 1.T.A.Aliev,  A.M.Abbasov, G.G.Mamedova, G.A.Guluevç F.H.Pashayev. Technologies for Noise Monitoring of Abnormal Seismic Processes. //  Seismic Instruments, 2013, Vol 49, №1, p. 64-80.

2. Guluyev G.A. Using the neural network for identification of the vibration state of compressor units. // Azerbaijan Oil Economy 2013, №1, pp. 40-45

3. T.A.Aliev, A.M.Abbasov, G.A.Guluyev, F.H.Pashayev, U.E.Sattarova. System of robust noise monitoring of anomalous seiemic processes. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineereing 53 (2013) 11-25.

4. T.A.Aliev, G.A.Guluev, F.H.Pashayev, A.B.Sadygov. Noise  monitoring technology for objects in transition to the emergency state. // Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing V. 27, February 2012, pp.755-762.

5. Guluyev G.A.  Robust system for identification of vibration state and prediction of emergency state for compressor units. Scientific Works of NIP NEFTEGAZ, 2012, №3, pp. 65-70

6. Guluyev G.A, Pashayev A.B., Pashayev F.H., Rzayev As. G., Sabziyev E.N. Algorithms for determining the force on the rod using the consumed power of the electric engine during the operation of the beam pump// Mechatronics, Automation, Control, №11, 2012, pp. 55– 58.

7.  Telman Аliyev, Akif Ali-zada, Gurban Etirmishli,Gambar Guluyev, Fahrad Pashayev, Abbas Rzayev. Intelligent Seismoacoustic System for Monitoring the beginning of Anomalous Seismic Process.  //Seismic Instruments, 2011, Vol 47, No. 1, pp. 15-23

8. Guluyev G.A., Rzayev A.G., Aliyev Y.G., Rizvanov M.G., Sattarov I.R. Intelligent control station for pumping units // Mechatronics, Automation, Control №8, 2011 pp. 17 – 20.

9. Guluyev G.A., Rzayev A.G., Sattarov I.R., Yusifov I.B. Combined method of measuring the flow rate of oil wells // Mechatronics, Automation, Control №8, 2011 pp. 27-30.

10. T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, G.A. Guluyev, U.E. Sattarova, N.E. Rzayeva. The system for monitoring of the period of latent transition of compressor station into the emergency state // Problems of Control and Informatics, 2011 г, № 6, pp. 61-75

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Awards and prizes
  1. “Tereggi” State Medal
  2. Honored engineer
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Institute of Control Systems ANAS, 9, B.Vaxabzade str., Baku, AZ1141, Azerbaijan

Position Head of the Laboratory
Office phone (+994 12) 5392253 
Mobile (+994 50) 3629533 
Home phone (+994 12) 4793615 
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