Place of birth Saldash, Gubadly reg., Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 20.11.1948 
Scientific degree PhD  
Title Senior research worker 

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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Synthesis, polymerization and copolymerization of substituted chlorovinylcyclopropanes 

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7 certificates of authorship

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Basic scientific achievements Chlorine-containing polyalkodiene sulfones have been synthesized as the light-sensitive bases for photo- and electron-resists.
With the aim of improvement of physical-mechanicalproperties of polyethylene of low molecular weight and also its wastes with use of local natural fillers and synthesized adducts as the appretes the polymer composition materials of wide purpose have been developed and investigated. 
Names of scientific works

1. Перероботка обезвреживание нефтешлаков и почвогрунтов загрязненных отходами бурения и нефтодобычи. Kimya problemləri №2, 2012, s. 256-260.

2.Вилияние на экологическая ровновесие полиэтиленовых отходов и метод их устранения Вестник, Азербайджанской Инженерной Академии  Известия, Баку, 2012, том 4, № 4, с. 118-124.

3. Присоединение тиофенола функционалъно -замещенных хлорвинилциклопропанам по свободнорадикалъному механизму. Сумгаитский Государственный Университет. Научный  Известия, Раздел Естестиенных  и Технических Наук, том 13, №2, 2013, с. 33-37.

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Main place of work and its address Institute of Polymer Materials, Az5004, Sumgait, S.Vurgun Str.124
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Mobile (+994 50) 5906457 
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