Place of birth Sumgait, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 20.08.1953 
Education Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry n.a. M.Azizbekov (now ASOA) 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
Title Dosent 

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Organic chemistry

Cycloaddition of cyclic dienes and dihaloid carbenes to allyl acetylene compounds and some conversions of forming adducts 

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 5

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Basic scientific achievements The cycloaddition reactions [4+2] and [2+1] of cyclic dienes and dihaloid carbenes to vinyl- and allyl acetylene compounds have been systematically investigated and it has been shown that the cycloaddition proceeds regioselectively only on double bond of enines. It has been established that diene condensation proceeds stereospecifically with formation of adducts with endo0configuration. The reaction kinetics has been studied and it has been established that vinyl acetylene compounds are more reactive than allyl acetylenes and a series of activity of enines depending on functional groups has been established. The reaction of free radical telomerization of allyl glycidyl ether with dimethylformamide and dimethylacetamide has been also carried out. The water diluting epoxide telomers have been prepared. the proposed process is one-stage, unwaste and ecologically pure.
Names of scientific works

1. М.Г.Велиев, А.З.Чалабиева, А.М.Мустафаев и др. Исследование реакции диенового синтеза 1,3-циклогексадиена с диенофилами винила-цетиленового и аллилацетиленового рядов. Журнал Органической химии, 1994, т.30, №;1, с. 40-45.

2. М.Г.Велиев, А.З.Чалабиева и др. Функцио-нальнозамещенные ацетиленовые   реагенты для подавления роста сульфатвосстанавливающих бактерий при нефтедобыче нефтехимия, 2010, т.50, №6, с. 492-496.

3. Н.Я.Ищенко, А.З.Чалабиева, А.М.Гулиев Синтез и зучение свойств водоразбавляемого эпоксидного теломера. Журнал прикладной химии, 2012, т.85, вып.10, с. 1713-1716.

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Main place of work and its address Institute of Polymer MaterialsAZ5004, Azerbaijan Republic, Sumgait, S.Vurgun Str., 124
Position Senior research worker
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Mobile (+994 55) 7157169 
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