Place of birth Shamakhi, Takla   
Date of birth 01.08.1981 
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree PhD in physics 
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Semiconductors and dielectrics physics

The electronic properties of Se-S system on amorphous solid solution    

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Basic scientific achievements The positions of energy levels in forbiden band are obtained in amorphous samples of Se–S system.

It is shown, that the character of photoconductivity variation in dependence on composition of Se–S is caused by changes taking place in forbidden band edges and local state in forbiden band connected with charged intrinsic defects.

It is established, that the correlation between dependences of absorption (α), charged defect concentration (Nt) and characteristic energy (E0), corresponding Urbach absorption on S content in the composition of Se–S system exists.

It is shown, that amorphous Se0.7S0.3 is perspective material for the use as active element in waveguide operating in visible and IR region.  

Names of scientific works 1. Injection currents in amorphous solid solutions of Se-S system.

2. Spectrum of absorption and optical parameters of Se- S system in amorphous solid solutions.

3. Photoelectric properties of Se-S system in amorphous solid solutions.

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Pedagogical activity 3 years - Sumgayit State University 
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