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Azad Hidayet oglu Mammadli

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics-mathematics
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  
  1. Photometry of the solar system bodies
  2. Mechanics of the sky 
Main scientific achievements 

1. In the high dispersion digital spectrum of Procyon star spectrophotometric features of nearly 120 weak and mean Fraunhofer lines are determined.

2. The speed of the microturbulent movement in the Procyon star’s atmosphere is calculated to be (2.3±0.5) km/sec.

3. It was shown that when the heliocentric distance of test star changes up to 50-100 astronomyc units and the weight up to 1-5 Sun weight in the critical value of orbit parameters the planets of solar system planets either become the satellite of the star, or leave the solar system.