Place of birth Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of birth 17.10.1940 
Scientific degree Doctor of geological-mineralogical science
Title Professor 
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Geophysical methods of searches and investigation of mineral deposits

Studying pleystotsen of moraines of the Russian platform paleomagmetically method.  Moskva-1977 

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Geophysical methods of searches and investigation of minerals

Paleomagnetically method of Cainozoic formations of the oil-and-gas regions of Azerbaijan. Baku -1990
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 1
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Basic scientific achievements The analysis and ststematization of paleomagnetic data on separate stratigrafich intervals allowed to made a basic magnitostratigrafich scale of the Phanerozoic of Azerbaijan on the basis of studying over 150 geological cuts which is a basis of stratification of sedimentary and vulkanogenno-sedimentary thicknesses, an age partition and correlation of continental and sea deposits. On the basis of all obtained data kinematic parameters of movement of plates are determined and palinspastich reconstruction of provision of the main plates of the Azerbaijani part of  Lesser and Greater Caucasus and their comparison to data of adjacent territories are carried out.
Names of scientific works 1.Г.Д.Етирмишли, М.И.Исаева, А.Г.Рзаев. Отражение напряженного состояния сейсмогенных зон в геомагнитном поле. Изв. НАНА, Серия наук о Земле, №4, Баку 2008.с 27-33

2.Ф.С.Ахмедбейли, Ф.А.Кадиров, М.И.Исаева и В.В.Коробанов. Активность литосферы восточной части Средиземного моря на новейшем тектоническом этапе и возможное развитие геодинамических процессов. Изв. НАНА Азербайджана, Серия наук о Земле, №2, Баку, 2009, с 3-15

3.Ф.С.Ахмедбейли, М.И.Исаева и др. Геодинамика неотектонического этапа  Кавказского сегмента Альпийско-Гималайского орогенного пояса. НАНА Институт Геологии, «Nafta-Press», Баку, 2010. 214с.

4.М.И.Исаева, Э.Атаева. Магнитостратиграфический разрез миоценовых отложений Азербайджана. РЦСС  НАНА , Каталог,Bakı 2010,с.85-90

5. Х.П.Метаксас А.Г.Рзаев, , М.И.Исаева

«Параметры сейсмической опасности Шамаха-Исмаиллинской зоны землятресений»

Каталог сейсмопрогностических наблюдений в Азербайджане. Баку, 2012, с. 314-321

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Euro-Asian Geophysical Society  

Member of association of seismologists of Azerbaijan

Pedagogical activity 2 year 
Other activities Member of an academic council and dissertation seminar 
Awards and prizes 1."Meritorious Science Worker". According to the ordered by  President of the Azerbaijan Republic № 1157, 14 of  December, 2005 years

2. The award "Shokhrat", According to the ordered by President of the Azerbaijan Republic № 2737, 18 of  March, 2008 years

Main place of work and its address Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, Baku, Yasamal district, Avenue H.Javid 119 
Position The head of a department 
Office phone (+994 12) 5101165 
Mobile (+994 55) 7063512 
Home phone (+994 12) 5953078 
Fax (+994 12) 5372285 
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