Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth 06.08.1949 
Scientific degree Sc.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)  
Title Senior researcher  

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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04.00.06 (2518.01)


Formation and resources of groundwaters of continental series of Shamkhorchai-Kyurakchai interfluves and the prospects of their use. 

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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25.00.07 (2518.01)


Formation, forecast and rational use of fresh groundwater resources of piedmont plain of Azerbaijan Republic

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More than 107





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Basic scientific achievements

-         Recognized the regularities of fields resources structure formation of the reservoir-pore fresh groundwaters of the Republic;

-         Developed the calculation method of groundwater commercial reserves with account of water balances of groundwaters and hydraulic interrelation of underground and surface flows;

-         Developed scientific-technical principles of groundwater flow accumulation on the piedmont plains cone deltas;

-         Developed scientific-technical principles of fresh groundwater resources transfer on few water-supplying regions of Republic;

-         Recognized formation condition and spatial structure of high temperature focuses of thermal waters of the Republic;

- Development of scientific basis of rational use of alternate and renewable energy sources of Azerbaijan Republic. 
Names of scientific works

1. Y.H Israfilov (2011) The Challenge of Transboundary Aquifer Resources Management in the Azerbaijan Republic -multidisciplinary and multifunctional approaches. Paris. UNESKO.

2. Y.H. Israfilov (2011) Trans-boundary Groundwater Recourses Management in the Azerbaijan Republik: looking for solving old problems. IAH 2010 Krakow. AGH University of Science and Technology.

3. Y.H.Israfilov et al. (2010) Scientific bases of regulation of the environmental issues of Absheron peninsula. Issues of Azerbaijan geoecology and ways of their solution. Proceedings of conference, Baku

4. Y.H.Israfilov et al. (2010) About anomalous geological phenomenon in Shamakha region. Baku, “Proceedings” of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Series of Earth Sciences, №1, “Nafta Press”, p. 77-82 (in Russian).

5. Y.H.Israfilov et al. (2010) Impacts of Climate Chance on Grounwater Resources: Review of a Case Study in Azerbaijan. NATO Science Series. № Izmir, Turkey

6. Y.H.Israfilov et al. (2009) Conceptual model of forming and schematizing of boundary states of groundwater of Absheron peninsula, Baku, “Proceedings” of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Series of Earth Sciences, №2, “Nafta Press”, p. 74-77 (in Russian).

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Main place of work and its address Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, H.Javid  Av., Baku, 119
Position Head of the department “Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology” of ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics 
Office phone (+994 12) 5101164 
Mobile (+994 50) 4251913 
Home phone (+994 12) 4413413