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Establishment history 07.08.2002 
Basic activity directions 

1. Investigation of the theatre and music environment of Nakhchivan   

2. Collecting and investigating Nakhchivan dialects and accents

3. Study of the onomastic units in the Nakhchivan territory

4. Collecting, publication and investigation of Nakhchivan folklore

5. Investigation of the Nakhchivan   literary environment

6. Study of the decorative utility arts of Nakhchivan

Main scientific achievements 

1.Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theatre named after J.Mammadguluzadeh. Baku, MBM, 2004, 420 p.; Nakhchivan theatre: on the ways to revival (1883-1920). Baku, MBM, 2008, 160 p.; Nakhchivan theatre during the independence years (1991-2008). Baku, MBM, 2008, 91 p.; Chronicle of Nakhchivan theatre. Nakhchivan, Ajami, 2010, 739 p.; Explorations on Nakhchivan theatre. Nakhchivan: Ajami, 2017, 272 p.; Huseyn Javid and Nakhchivan theatre. Nakhchivan: Ajami, 2017, 120p.

2.“Toponyms and ethnonyms in the monuments of Orkhon inscriptions” (Baki, Elm, 2004), “Azerbaijan`s wedding folk songs” (Ankara, Kultur bakanlighi, 2008, 136 p.), “Gazi Mustafa Kamal’s friend (literary-publicistic notes)” (Baku: Nurlan, 2008, 176 p.), “Festival-ceremonial songs” (Nakhchivan: Ajami, 2010, 192 p.), “The Nakhchivan accent” (Ankara: Kultur Bakanlıghı yayınları, 2010, 120 s.), “Ibrahim Abilov – the friend of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk”, (Ankara, Kultur ve turism bakanlighi, 2013);  “Non-attributive nominal combinations in the Azerbaijani language” (Baku: Elm ve tahsil, 2012, 192 p.), “Shahbuz accents of the Azerbaijani language” (Baku: Elm ve tahsil, 2012, 192 p.); A.A.Guliyev, Mahammad agha Shahtakhtli: the prominent linguist and publisher. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 192p.; L.A.Safarova. Investigation history of the English language in Azerbaijan. Baku: ASPU publishing house, 2017, 118p.; A.A.Guliyev, N.Y.Aliyeva. Dictionary of Nakhchivan dialects and accents. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 296p.

3. The onomastic units have been collected, involved to the investigation and their scientific -linguistic features have been analyzed.  The latest scientific results of the departments have been reflected in the monographs like “The problems of Onomology” (in two volumes), “ Origin of the ancient Sharur oiconyms” and “From the history of the ethnogenesis of Nakhchivan people”

4. Azerbaijan folklore anthology. Nakhchivan folklore. I vol., Nakhchivan: Ajami, 2010, 511 p.; Azerbaijan folklore anthology. Nakhchivan folklore. II vol., Nakhchivan: Ajami, 2011, 496 p.; Azerbaijan folklore anthology. Nakhchivan folklore. III v., Nakhchivan: Ajami, 2012, 560 p.; Claim and opportunities of the genre. (R.Babayev) Baki: “ASPU publishing-house”, 2014, 135 p., E.G.Mammadov. Eynali bey Sultanov and the folklore. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 208 p.; C.V.Rzayeva. Huseyn Javid and the folklore. I vol. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 112p.

5. Huseyn Javid. His fate and career. 2007, 144 p.;

Mahammadaga Shahtakhtli. His fate and career. 2008, 166 p.;

Academician Mammad Jafar Jafarov. His fate and career.  2009, 208 p.;

Jalil Mammadguluzada. His fate and career. 2010, 196 p.;

Aligulu Gamkusar. His fate and career. 2011, 140 p.;

Eynali bey Sultanov. His fate and career. 2011, 240 p.;

Mammad Said Ordubadi. His fate and career.  2012, 170 p.;

Mammad Araz. His fate and career. 2014, 176 p.;

Habibbayli I. Mahammadaga Shahtakhtli. Collected works (collection, compilation and foreword). 2006, 182 p.;

Sadigzade N. Development of the literature study in Nakhchivan in XX century. 2009, 170 p.;

Kazimova F. Professor Abbas Zamanov (his life and creativity). 2012, 361 p.; 

Kazimova F. “Juvallaghi” of the Azerbaijani literature. 2012, 323 p.;

Gasimov R. The figurative functions of the “small person” characters in the creativity of Jalil Mammadguluzade. Baku: 2012, 320 p.;

A.H.Hashimov. Nakhchivan in the Azerbaijani historical prose. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 192 p.;

A.H.Hashimov. Historical novelette in Aziza Jafarzade’s creativity. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 104p.

A.A.Orujova. Poetry of Jalil Mammadguluzade. Nakhchivan: Ajami UPP, 2017, 192p.;

R.A.Gasimov, Z.H.Ismayil. The concept of national thinking and the ideology of Azerbaijanism. Baku: Elm ve tahsil, 2017, 192p.

Total number of employees 30
Structural subdivisions

Music and Theatre

Department of Linguistics

Department of Onomasticsi

Department of Folklor study

Department of Literary study

Department of Descriptive-decorative utility arts

Department of Architecture, Town planning and Restoration of Monuments

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Zulfiyya Ismayil Huseyn gizi

Firudin Hasan oglu Rzayev

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Ramiz Asef oglu Gasimov

Elkhan Gadir oglu Mammadov

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