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Deputy directors Karimzade Parvin Orhan  
Scientific secretary Aliyeva Matanat Ikram
Establishment history December 19, 2012
Basic activity directions  Investigation of the history of Ganja city on the basis of chronological periods, research of archeological and etnographic materials, also ancient quarters and craftsmanship kinds.  
Main scientific achievements 

Have been researched the scientific facts on historical past of Ganja, obtained materials from archives of Osmanli Empire.

Were investigated 4000 years history of Ganja as the center of urban civilization on he basis of craftsmanship samples and prepared chronological map of city.

Studied the historical and architectural monuments of Ganja and determined more than 800 historical monuments.

Gathered materials for “Catalogue of historical monuments of Ganja”.

Investigated one of the oldest sacred places of Islam – Imamzade tomb in 739 buried movlana Ibrahim and on this grave built the complex. Here have been found the building shrines over the tombstones and published the monograph.

Researched the history of ancient Ganja on the basis of study of more than 116 quarters.

Activities of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic the most important place in the struggle freedom of Azerbaijan. Has been exploring based on new aspects of book “Memories struggle independence of Azerbaijan” by Nagi bey Sheykhzamanli.

Total number of employees 33
Structural subdivisions

Department of History

Department of Archeology

Department of Ethnography

Scientific Council:

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-       secretary

-       members


Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

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-       secretary

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Dissertation Council

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-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members

Trade Union:

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-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members

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