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Fail Mail oglu Kazimov

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

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Vugar Mammad oglu Hagverdiyev

Deputy of  Office

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Huseyn Jalil oglu Huseynov

Deputy of  Office

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Khanim Sardar gizi Sardari

senior specialist

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Activity directions  The main purpose activity of Science and education office is to improve management system and organization of scientific-research work, to increase role of science in society and its influence, to organize training of highly qualified scientific cadres corresponding fields of science  in the way of magistrate, doctorate and PhD, enhance the science and education role and influence in society, to develop scientific and scientific-technical potential.

The main duties of the Science and education office:

- to participate formulation and implementation of policy in the field of science, education and innovationin Azerbaijan;

to study organization of scientific activity and management of the progressive forms and methods, to prepare proposals about implementation of ANAS and other science and higher education institutions in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- to prepare proposals for the application in ANAS and other scientific and higher education institutions in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- to realize scientific organizational work related to planning and implementation of scientific research work;

- learning trends in the field of the world of science and innovation conduct their analytical analysis and  to prepare appropriate recommendations;

-  to organize reports on results of research which is carried out ANAS, to analyze the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activity and to prepare interim and annual reports on the basis of this analysis; 

- to organize selection of research works on the  basis of competition, to prepare their proposals for the purposely financing;

- to prepare and to realize a plan of action and projects about stimulate research work;

- to prepare corresponding legal documents with other structural units within its powers Apparatus of Presidium of ANAS;

- in accordance with the recommendations of the scientific institutions of organizations and scientific departments of ANAS, to prepare a plan for the preparation of scientific cadres in the way of magistrate, doctorate and PhD and presented to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan; 

- to realize methodological and practical solutions on admission master's, doctoral and PhD;

- to improve the efficiency of master, doctorates and PhD works and to take measures for to create the conditions successful implementation;

- to participate in the preparation interstate and between institutions programs and projects with the appropriate ministries and other bodies in the field of training of highly qualified scientific personnel in the way of magistrate, doctorate and PhD.

Departments attached to Department of Scientific Organization and Monitoring

Scientific Analytical Department

Department of Doctoranture and Dissertanture

Magistracy Department