Address  AZ1073, Baku, Huseyn Javid Avenue, 115 
Phone (+994 12) 5103516 
Fax (+994 12) 4975381 
Chief  Zulfugar Islam oglu Farzaliev
Office phone: (+994 12) 5103516
Mob.: (+994 50) 2140234
Deputy chief  Ulviyya Huseynbala gizi Rzayeva
Office phone: (+994 12) 5392472
Mob.: (+994 50) 5644047
Office departments  Department of Public Relations -Press Service

Department of Electron information

Science Propacation Department

Elm TV Department

Activity directions  • Implementation of a unified information policy of the Academy;

• Bringing the activity of ANAS to the scientific community of Azerbaijan and the world;

• Responsive and public transmission system and the media about the ongoing reforms in the academy, scientific research achievements, various events, etc.;

• Organization of mass propaganda and popularization of science;

• Creating opportunities for the recognition of scientists and specialists of ANAS institutes and organizations in the global information space;

• Participation in the organization of schools, secondary and higher educational institutions of competitions, contests, and other outreach activities to increase the younger generation's interest in science;

• Mutual cooperation with the structural units engaged in the information policy of the state and non-state actors;

• Organizing together with the relevant structural units of ANAS press conferences and briefings by the President and other senior officials of the academy;

• Provide linkages scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS with the media;

• The organization for the representatives of media press conferences, interviews, "round tables", meetings, etc. with the aim of mass propaganda of scientific activity of ANAS in the media;

• Collaborate with the responsible persons and organizational units for public relations, operating in scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, coordinating their work in this area;

• Monitoring of electronic information resources of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS;

• Preparation of scientific and popular articles, reports, activities of ANAS, videos, including documentary films and the organization of their distribution;

• Organization of advertising and PR-campaigns to popularize science and mass propaganda;

• Preparation and implementation of the thematic plans printed editions of controls;

• Providing response to incoming media requests for information, letters, etc.;

• Preparation of proposals in connection with an increase in the authority of science in society and the effectiveness of its mass propaganda, and directly involved in the case.