Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Kelbajar region
Date of Birth 06.01.1950
Education Baku State University, chemist
Scientific degree Doctor of sciences in chemistry
Title Academician
Topic of PhD thesis:

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02.00.03 (2306.01)

Organic chemistry

Investigation of olefins conversion on zeolite catalysts
Topic of doctoral thesis:

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02.00.15 (2316.01) 

Chemical kinetics and catalysis

Catalytic systems based on zeolite and silica-gels for oxidative dehydrogenation and pyrolysis reactions of hydrocarbons.

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Election of corresponding member of ANAS:

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chemical kinetics and catalysis
Total number of printed scientific publications

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750 ( author of 20 monographs, books and manuals + 16  educational appliances, science editor-in-chief of 2 books, editor of 6 books and collections)





Certificates of authorship and number of patents 59
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Main scientific achievements

Scientific activity of Dilgam Taghiyev has been devoted to the development and studying the mechanism of influence of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization, alkylation, oxydehydrogenation, oligomerization and other reactions of various class hydrocarbons and their derivatives, synthesis and research of biologically active metal-complexes, study and modeling of some physical and chemical processes. He first showed high activeness of zeolites free of transition elements or metals (non-traditional catalysts for redox type reactions) in hydrogenation, hydroizomerization, oxydehydrogenation reactions and this laid the ground for the creation of new generation hydrogenizing catalysts. He detected new conversions of alkyl naphthenic hydrocarbons on zeolite catalysts and named them oxydehydrodisproportionation and oxydehydroisomerization reactions. He proposed a new express method for calculation of diffusion coefficient according to thermodesorption measurements which is an important factor in studying the kinetics of different reactions in micro porous catalysts. He developed hybrid catalysts with spatially separated active centers for alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons with low molecular paraffines, and zeolite polyfunctional catalysts for oxidation of different aliphatic alcohols to acids and their ethers in one stage. He first performed hydrothermal synthesis of zeolite like gallium, iron and zinc phosphates, determined their structural properties and high catalytic activity in the conversion of methanol. He showed the possibility and perspectives of using zeolites as an additive which increases the effectiveness of an electrode material in photoelectrocatalytic decomposition of water. He created new zirconium-zeolite catalytic systems free of valuable metals for joint conversion of normal paraffines with methanol and low-temperature isomerization-disproportionation reactions of straight distilled gasoline for producing high-octane gasoline components and studied the mechanism of their effect. He developed new catalysts for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons from low-molecular other paraffines and oxidizing dehydrocyclization of benzene to methane and studied the nature of active centers by different methods. He determined selection principles of zeolite and ferrite catalysts to synthesize valuable isomers of cresols, xylenols and different alkylphenols by alkylating phenols and cresols with methanols and other ethers. He performed thorough researches on the kinetics and mechanism of oxidizing ammonolysis reaction of different substituted derivatives of o-xylene on complex oxide catalyst, and determined the main factors in the formation of nitriles, dinitriles and imides. He synthesized new metal-complexes and heteropolyacid catalysts for di- and oligomerization of C2-C8 olefins under mild conditions, developed a new technique for immobilization of nickel complexes on a solid carrier. For the first time he detected a relation between catalytic activity and stereochemical rigidity in nickel thiopyrazolaldiminate complexes. He synthesized several mixed ligand and polynuclear complex compounds of platinum and palladium, and studied the relation between their composition, molecular structure and biological activity. He synthesized complexes which allow modeling the interaction of toxic metals with metabolites which is important for inorganic biochemistry and porous complex compounds with derivatives of iron aromatic polycarboxylic acids. He synthesized different nanogels comprising nano silver particles for immobilization of them to reduce toxic effect and increase action time of different medical preparations (doxorubicine, trypsin, doxycycline, thyroxine) and developed polymer carriers for delivery and controlled separation of medical preparations.

Dilgam Taghiyev is the author of more than 750 works (470 of them were published abroad - USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Chine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Japan, South Corea and etc.), including 59 inventions (certificates of authorship and patents), 20 monographs and textbooks, 16 educational manuals, scientific editor-in-chief of 2 books and editor of 6 collection of articles. More than 225 research works were published in journals with impact factor and collections of articles (116 of them are journals included into Web of Science database), more than 550 cites were made to his papers.

He participated with reports in International congresses, symposia and conferences in Russia (1974–2018), Bulgaria (1979, 1983, 1991), Czech Republic (1982, 2005), Germany (1980, 1990, 2018), France (2001, 2004, 2017), Sweden (2002), Scotland (2003), Austria (2003), Switzerland (2004), Spain (2002, 2006, 2015, 2016), Italy (2016, 2017, 2018).

He was invited as a speaker and well-known specialist and expert to III and IV World Congresses on Prospective Materials in Chine, II World Congress on Petrochemistry and chemical engineering in the USA and other meetings (Dubai, Thailand, Athene, Germany, Sweden, Ireland).

In 2016 he was on a scientific mission on the invitation of Donostia International Physics Center in Spain and signed bilateral agreement with the president Pedro Miguel Echenique to organize mutual International laboratory with this prestigious international center for joint researches (on the program financed in 2016-2018).

In 2017 he actively participated in UNESCO 39th General Conference in Paris as a representative of Azerbaijan in scientific commissions on exact, social sciences and humanities,  held a presentations on the organization of geoparks in the territory of Azerbaijan and reached agreements on it.

Names of scientific works

1. Д.Б.Тагиев. «Кристаллические алюмо­сили­каты в катализе». Баку. Элм. 1989. 222 с.

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51.Ş.Z.Tapdıqov, N.A.Zeynalov, D.B.Tagıyev, E.M.Qasımov, A.İ.Məmmədova, A.F.Nurəliyev , C.A.Sultanov. N-vinilpirrolidon və 4-vinilpiridinin xitozana calaq radikal sopolimerləşməsinin optimal şəraitinin tədqiqi. Chemical Problems, 2018, v.16, No 4, p. Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics)

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Active member of New York Academy of Sciences (1994),

Member of International Zeolite Assosiation (2001),

Member of American Chemical Society (2003),

Member of Russian Academy of Natural History (2013).

Member of International Assosiation on Advanced Materials (2018).

Pedagogical activity Professor of Azerbaijan Medical University 
Other activities Chairman of Dissertation council on thesis defense in acad. M.Nagiyev Institute of Catalysis and  Inorganic Chemistry

Editor in chief of “Azerbaijan Chemistry Journal”, member of editorial board of “Transactions of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan”, “Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan”, “Science world” journals, and “ELM” newsletter, member of Coordination Council of Republic Scientific Researches and State Commission against Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking of Azerbaijan Republic, Terminology Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Member of the Observatory Council of High Technologies Park of ANAS, chairman of the Presidium of ANAS related "Anti-Pseudoscience Commission". 

Awarding and prizes 1. USSR Lenin Komsomol Prize for chemistry and chemical technology - 1983,

2. Medal “For Distinguished Labour” - 1986,  

3. Honorary title “Honoured Teacher of Republic of Azerbaijan” - 2000,

4. Honourary Diplomas of the Presidium of ANAS and Azerbaijan Medical University – 2010,

5. Medal “Tereggi” – 2010,

6. Diplomas, honourary diplomas and appreciations of different organizations

7. . “The Name in Science” award and honorary title of International Socrat Committee (2012), order “With labour and knowledge” of European science-industry consortium (protocol № 29/04.06.2013)

Place of work and its address Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 30, Istiglaliyet str., Baku, AZ1001, Azerbaijan Republic,

Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after acad. M.Nagiyev of ANAS, AZ1143, H.Javid Ave.,113, Baku, Azerbaijan

Position Vice-president of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,
Director of  acad. M.Nagiyev Institute of Catalysis and  Inorganic Chemistry of ANAS
Office phone (+994 12) 4925710

(+994 12) 5399382

Home phone  
Fax (+994 12) 5108593

(+994 12) 4921556