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Yusif  Hajibala oglu Shukurlu

PhD of Phys.-Math Sciences 

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Deputy directors

Farkhad Shirin oglu Azizov

PhD in biology

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Rahim Hamid oglu Abdurahmanov 

(on general affairs)

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Scientific secretary 

Vugar Abulfat oglu Abdurahmanov

PhD in mathematics

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Establishment history

On April 14, 1972 Sheki Regional Scientific Base (SRSB) has been created under the Physics institute of the academy according to the decision dated of the Presidium of Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences.   The purpose of this enterprise was increasing the efficiency of using advanced achievements of science in the production for further development of industry and agriculture of the Sheki-Zagatala economic region. Afterwards,   some proper groups were created in this Scientific Base: for example "Geology", "Gene fund", "Biochemistry" and "Biophysics".

In accordance with the decision of Presidium of the Academy of Sciences (16.04.1995, no. 13/1) Sheki Regional Scientific   Base was given the status of Sheki Regional Scientific Centre. By this decision, five research groups of Scientific Centre have become laboratories and 2 new laboratories of "Learning of the Streams" and "Folklore and Folk Arts" were created and the number of the laboratories were supplied to 7.

In 2014, some structure changes have been implemented inSheki Regional Scientific Centre according to the new regulations of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,  ShRSC scientific investigation departments and basic directions of scientific investigations are: . Department of  “Landscape”, “Environmental geography”, “Biochemistry of plants”, “Mulberry silkworm selection”, “Molecular biophysics”,  “Genefund and biodiversity”“Folklore and crafts”,“Historical heritage and ethnography”.

At present, nearly 95 scientific and technical employees work in ShRSC.  3 of them are doctors of sciences and 10 people are PhDs.  Two people completed the work on doctoral dissertation and   presented for discussion.  Overall, the last ten years PhD dissertation was defended by 3 people and 13 of 150 scientific papers have been published abroad. 18 international theses of 40 were published in abroad.

Shaki Regional Scientific Centre of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences has begun its activities by the decision  of General Assembly of ShRSC and Statue and Regulations approved by presidium of ANAS, as well its activities approved by general meeting of the Scientific Council according to the requirements of SHRSC Regulations. The composition of the Scientific Council have 17 people, including 4 PhD, 10 Doctors of Philosophy and 3 people are head of the department.

Basic activity directions

-          The study of the local flora and fauna:  restoration of natural monuments;

-          Increase the productivity of the land and their protection from erosion; development of forest plants; fight with the floods;

-          Zone of promising and cultivated plants on genetics and selection for conducting stationary research;

-          Biogeochemical study of the province;

-          Exploration works on the detection of underground resources in the area of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus, as well as the study of local raw materials using and processing opportunities in industry;

-          İnvestigationby complex physical methods of the silkworm cocoon;  stimulation of the irradiation in the cattle-breeding and poultry keeping;

-          Collecting and investigation of folklore, history heritage and folk crafts of  the Shaki-Balakan region

Basic scientific results

Sheki Regional Scientific Centre,  gained 18 certificates of authorships up to this day and it has taken 2 patents for an invention

By department of mulberry silkworm selection:

  1. Z. Alizade, Sheki silk in the ways of far karavan, Baku 20072.
  2. Z. Alizade, Explanatory dictionary (vocabulary) on Sericulture, Baku 2013 (in the publishing house)

By department of Landscape:

  1. Z. Alizade, Lithology of the deposits of ore and geochemistry of ore elements slozhnodislotcirovannyh areas (for example, mid-and Upper Jurassic deposits of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus), Kiev 1988/ (doctor dissertation)
  2. Regional geographical problem (the Sheki district)s of the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku 1999.
  3. Regional geographical problem (the Balakan district)s of the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku 1999
  4. Regional geographical problem (the Gakh district)s of the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku 2001.
  5. Regional geographical problem (the Oghuz district)s of the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku 2001
  6. Regional geographical problem (the Gabala district)s of the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku 2002
  7. Z. Alizade, H. Mustafabəyli, Some problems of theapplied geochemistry, Baku 2007
  8. Book of survey on geochemistry, Baku 2014 (translation)

By department of environmental geography

  1. A.Hasanov, Z. Alizade,S. Allahverdiyeva “Mathematical Modeling and prognosticating of the events of stream and flood in the rivers”, Baku 2012
  2. “Stream events and measures of fight against them in The Kish river basin”
  3. (Translation), Baku 2010

By department of molecular biophysics:

  1. Y. Shukurlu, Structural Proteins, Baku 2006

Total number of employees


Structural departments

Department of Landscape;

Department of Environmental Geography;

Department of Plant Biochemistry;

Department of Breeding Silkworms;

Department of Molecular Biophysics;

Department of the Gene Pool and Biodiversity;

Department of Folklore and Crafts;

Department of Ethnography and Historical heritage

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chair

-       secretary

-       members

Rahim Hasanov

Aygun Ismayilova

Qafqaz   Agabalayev

Coshgun Mammedov

Trade Union

-         chairman

-         deputy chairman

-         bureau members

Gudrat Bakirov

Agil Mustafayev

İlqar Seyidzade

Yevqenia Bakirova

Pakiza Zakirova

PR responsible person  

Doctors of sciences