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Haydar Aliyev, our national leader paying great attention to the development of science signed a resolution №1003 on August 7, 2002 about the establishment of Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS. Following the decree 6 scientific-research institutes - History, Ethnography and Archaeology, Art, Language and Literature, Natural Resources, Bioresources, Batabat  Astrophysics Observatory and  Fund of Manuscripts.

As the result of care and attention of Vasif Talibov, the chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, two three-storeyed buildings were given for the Branch. In 2005 the modernly constructed building of the Institute of Bioresources, in 2010 the building for the Laboratory of Biochemical Researches were given into use. During the past time a new building was built for Batabat Astrophysics Observatory, “Garden of Nabatat” was restored, the branch connected to international network, electronic library and 4 electron portals were created. In 2005 the publishing-house “Tusi” began to activity within the division and first published sample was the special edition dedicated to Gamigaya. During this period 50 numbers of “News” of the branch in two series and 26 numbers of “Researches” were published. In the division various scientific directions have been determined in investigation of Nakhchivan history, ethnography, archaeology, literature, folk-lore, bioresources, natural resources and important scientific results have been produced. “The Encyclopaedia of Nakhchivan” in two volumes, “the Encyclopaedia of Nakhchivan Monuments”, “the Atlas of Nakhchivan History”, three volumes of “Nakhchivan History”, “Chronicle of Nakhchivan Theatre”, “Anthology of Nakhchivan folk-lore” in three volumes, “Red book of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic” in two volumes, “Ampelography of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic”, “Herbs of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic”, “the Atlas of Emergency situations of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic”, “Land of Dede Gorgud - Nakhchivan” historical-geographical ethnographic atlas (in three languages) have been published. Generally, during its existence 180 monographs, 187 books, 21 methodical means, 6875 articles, 202 thesises, 17 maps, 3 atlases of the branch scientists have been published. They have prepared 5 recommendations, 37 booklets and obtained 28 patents. 16 monographs, 18 books, 1468 articles and 64 thesises have been published abroad. The scientists of the division have been the winners of 20 grant projects, three of them being the international one. During the past time in the Dissertation Council acting in Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS defended 13 dissertations for the Doctor of Sciences and 74 for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Academician Ismayil Mukhtar oglu Hajiyev

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Scientific secretary

Akram Rufet oglu Huseynzadeh

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Mob. tel.:  (+994 50) 3407322 


Rashad Ali oglu Zulfugarov

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Mob tel.: (+994 60) 3201248

E-mail: zulfuqarov_1981@mail.ru

Members of the Presidium

Academician Ismayil Mukhtar oglu Hajiyev

Academician Tariyel Huseynali oglu Talibov

Correspondent member Hajifahraddin Yahya oglu Safarli

Correspondent member Abulfaz Aman oglu Guliyev

Correspondent member Aliaddin Dayyan oglu Abbasov

Correspondent member Veli Bakhshali oglu Bakhshaliyev

Correspondent member Saleh Heydar oglu Maharramov

Research institutions attached to

Institute of History, Ethnography and Archaeology

The Institute of Arts, Language and Literature
The Institute of Natural Resources
The Institute of  Bioresources
The Fund of Manuscripts
The Batabat Astrophysics Observatory

Division organizations 

Central Scientific Library

“Tusi” Publishing

Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

Central Scientific Archive

Botanical Garden

Seismological Service Centre

Distant Education Center


Scientific-Organization Department

Education and Human Resources DepartmentInformation DepartmentInformation Department 

Trade Union

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-         deputy chairman

-         bureau members


Gozal Sultan gizi Ganbarova

Orkhan Rza oglu Baghirov

Emin Arif oglu Shikhaliyev

Gunel Aslan gizi Mammadova

Zulfiyya Huseyn kizi Ismayil

Council of Young scientists and specialists





Akram Rufet oglu Huseynzade

Gunel Aslan gizi Mammadova

Gunel Mirheshim gizi Seyidzade